Numerous individuals feed their turtles oceanic turtle food and nutrients and mineral enhancements however I think giving your turtles a characteristic food source is by a long shot the most ideal alternative and having such an inside and out adjusted eating routine should imply that there is little requirement for nutrients. I feel that enhancements should possibly be given if the amphibian turtle food in their eating regimen is deficient in a specific mineral.

I like to use the same number of common turtle foods as I can to attempt to recreate a similar sort of foods that the turtle would normally get in nature.


Sea-going turtles eat a wide range of fish including Goldfish, Minnows, Trout and Guppies.

The fish can be taken care of entire or slashed, however a decent tip is to freeze the fish for two or three days preceding taking care of to your turtle as this disposes of any parasites being moved to your turtles condition. Fish ought to be given on more than one occasion per week.

Greens and Vegetables

The turtle food you provide for your turtle ought to likewise incorporate a decent assortment of new verdant greens and vegetables including lettuce, cabbage, horse feed, and clover.

Some of the time they will likewise eat berries, so you can attempt it and see.


Having said that regarding nutrients, there is one that I do jump at the chance to give my oceanic turtles. I give them a calcium square since this mineral is more hard to give in their typical eating routine and by having this on their dry zone permits them to nibble on it in the middle of dinners.

Various types of oceanic turtles require various foods so before you get your turtle ensure that you get some information about any extra necessities and I would likewise suggest you research altogether before you choose which turtle to purchase.