The role of bentonite in the paper industry is without a doubt, huge. Thus, for these types of industry, they need to partner with a company that can offer them high-performance bentonite and if you are currently looking for one, checking out Siam Minerals might do you good. 

Yes, this company can offer a range of bentonite that can make the papermaking logistics easier and even more cost-effective at that. Their bentonite additives are high-yielding and can greatly contribute to the quality of your outputs which can surely make you gain the admirations of your customers/clients. 

Yes, bentonite additives might be skipped in papermaking, but the result might not be the same and considering the competition in this industry, you might not consider that path. Besides, with the assistance of Siam Minerals, there is really no need to skip the use of bentonite. 

Outsourcing some of the logistics of a typical company can really sometimes do a lot of good and even beneficial at that. Especially if you are just a starting company, and therefore your departments might still be lacking in a lot of ways, reaching out to a more stabilized company might be the best option. 

Siam Minerals is actually a company that focuses on drilling liquids and offering bentonite additives in the papermaking industries is just one of their business segments. They also have other business segments you might want to check such as the following:

  • Foundry additives
  • Bleaching earths
  • Rubber additives
  • Construction chemicals
  • Beverage additives
  • Feed additives
  • Drilling rigs and equipment

Indeed, they are not just your typical drilling liquids company. They have a lot to offer and partnering with them might be the best decision you can make. In fact, they have the best services to offer like:

  • Mud school in which customers will be oriented with the needed skills to fully comprehend the various drilling solutions in the most cost-effective manner.
  • Mud engineering in which customers will be knowledgeably assisted in choosing the most appropriate mud materials so that the end result will be more than what they expect. 
  • Highly skilled technical support that will be ready to offer the needed information wherever and whenever the customers need them. They will be there not only to guide actually, but also to orient ensuring that the expected outcome will be achieved.
  • Lab analysis and mud program which is designed to offer access to their high-yielding laboratory so that the appropriate processes will be highly monitored, and the result will be as what they think it would be. That will be done with the presence of the right workforce, so the right systems will be observed. 

Yes, if you are indeed looking for a company that can assist you in your papermaking industry, especially if you are just in the first step of your ladder, you should reach out to Siam Minerals. They are your best bet and in their skilled hands, you should be able to gain the trust of your customers.