4 Design Tips To Transform Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a very crucial part of your home. In fact, it’s probably one of the first things that people view when they come over for a visit. Since there is usually a lot of activity happening around the kitchen, and chances are if you live by yourself, or are a stay at home wife and mother, you probably spend a lot of your time cooking and cleaning. Therefore it is extremely important that your kitchen reflects a positive environment and radiates homeliness. You don’t have to be an interior designer, or even hire an expensive professional to transform your kitchen. All you need are a few useful tips:

1. Look For Inspiration
Often the most difficult step is the first one. If you are confused on where to begin, don’t worry. It pays to do your research as inspiration can come from anywhere. Browse online and magazines for ideas, or visit places in the city that have interesting kitchen spaces. One such example can be found at G Residence Kuchai Lama. You can even use Pinterest to create a board and pin all your designs in one place. Pick one area of the kitchen which you feel needs the most work and begin from there. The properties that you are great for inspiration are g residence for saleseni mont kiara for sale and pantai hillpark bangsar sale.

2. Plan Out Your Space
The most important part of your kitchen redesign is deciding on its layout, and a vital aspect to consider is how to create more space based on the shape of your kitchen. Some common kitchen shapes include the U-shaped, L-shaped, Island, Two Island, and Gallery kitchens. You should be a key factor of your design as kitchens requires a lot of activity, so make sure there is enough space to move around as well as enough to breathe as small kitchens can end up becoming too congested and suffocating due to the amount of steam and aromas you will be surrounding yourself with. Properties such as g residence kuala lumpurseni condo mont kiara and pantai hillpark bangsar south would be the best option for a spacious area.

3. Make Room For Storage
Yes, creating enough space really is the most important factor in ensuring that your kitchen is functional. Make sure your kitchen has enough storage space, by making sure that there are enough cabinets, cupboards and shelves for pots, pans and other utensils to avoid your kitchen from looking cluttered and giving it a tidy look overall. Make sure to also utilize the spaces over the refrigerator, and place extra-long upper cupboards so that your appliances are not visible, yet easily accessible.

4. Change The Lightning
You would be surprised at the amount of difference a change of lightning can make. Dim lightning can immediately bring down the vibe of the room, while extra bright lights can be a bit overwhelming and cause discomfort. It is crucial that your kitchen has good lightning, as it is a matter of safety, as well as helps enhance your kitchen design. For this reason, focus on installing good but comfortable lightning around the important work areas of the kitchen such as the stove, sink and storage areas. Upon purchasing lights consider things like its energy use, longevity, and warm and cool tones.