Want To Shop Baby Octopus Online In The Middle Of The Covid-19 Pandemic

The baby octopus is actually the adult of a species called Octopus aegina and is so named for being smaller than other octopuses, since they can be smaller than the palm of your hand. It is very nutritious due to its high content of minerals and vitamins and because it is very low in cholesterol. Due to its great versatility, you can use it in an infinity of dishes.

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How to choose the right octopus?
A fresh octopus should be shiny, slippery, and almost slimy. Its suction cups stick to the fingers and the tips of its tentacles are very firm and do not break. It should give off a marine, saline odor without any acidity.
Varieties of octopus
There are precisely two species of octopus suitable for consumption:
1. The octopus which has only one row of suckers on its tentacles and which lives in the rather sandy seabed.
There are two varieties:
White Octopus: Despite its confusing name, this octopus is orange-red but has a white belly.
Musk octopus: quite rare and with a particular flavor, this octopus has dark spots.

2. The Octopus which has two rows of suckers and which lives near rocky bottoms. It also has two varieties:
Common octopus: it is the most common but its flesh is less tender than that of white octopus.
Spotted octopus: this is an octopus that has white spots and whose tentacles are long.
How to store octopus?
frozen shellfish online Malaysia frozen seafood products delivery Malaysia , like any seafood, should be eaten quickly: it can be kept for a maximum of 2 days in the coldest part of the refrigerator in its original packaging. Fresh octopus can also be frozen, which, in addition to extending its shelf life by several months, will have the merit of tenderizing its flesh.